MTS Smart Sprint root law, Root firmware

This article will demonstrate the behavior of the device MTS Sprint Smart root rights. 
Goal is to elevate privileges on the Android operating system and extend the capabilities of the device. Read more about it and what root can read here.

Installation instructions root rights on MTS Sprint Smart

  • Download Kingo and install on the computer
    kinarut, root, Qumo QUEST 475

  • Connect smartphone to the computer using the micro USB cable  (it is advisable to use the original cable, but I’ll settle for Chinese)
  • Run the program and wait determine the connected device
    kinarut, root, Qumo QUEST 475


    • Press on click "Root Again" to the right and wait for when the tablet will reboot.

    If you have any difficulty you can watch a video on the program.

    If you suddenly want to deprive the device superuser privileges to read the detailed article.



  • Find and buy a case, headphones or other accessories for this device here.