Fly Flylife Connect 10.1, root

This article will demonstrate the process of obtaining root rights on the tablet Fly Flylife Connect 10.1
Goal is to elevate privileges on the Android operating system and extend the capabilities of the device. Read more about it and what root can read here.

Installation instructions root rights to Fly Flylife Connect 10.1

The administration is not responsible for your actions! On our website not paid programs and "left" instructions in case of any difficulties you can ask for help in comments.

Option one

  • Download the program Towelroot APK 
  • In the smartphone go to Android settings and enable USB debugging

    Acer Iconia Tab A1-713HD, root

  • Install on the tablet. When you bounce in the box as in the photo below, I advise you to ignore this text. Many manufacturers against such applications.

    root, qumo quest 507

  • If you think that you can install the application is not worth it , look the other way
  • After installation, you will see the button "make it rain" , you need to press

    right, root, qumo quest 507

  • The process will reboot, after which it is recommended check the device Root

If you mess up there is a video on working with towelroot , simply repeat the steps from it.

The second option

  • Download program UnlockRoot
  • Install the computer and start
    lg, l bello, root, z4root, Root
  • In the main window, click "Root" the green button on the left
    lg, l bello, root, z4root, Root
  • Wait for the procedure
  • Check to see if a Root on the phone , that’s instruction

Video working with UnlockRoot Pro you can see below.

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