What should I do if the tablet does not turn on until the end

Tablet or smartphone shows black screen and then nothing happens? One of the most common causes do not turn on the device can be very low battery zaradi then need to connect the device to the charger for 20-30 minutes, then he should turn on the list of problems and solutions are described here.

What should I do if the tablet on Android is not included

The consequence of these problems can be a fall from a great height, classes your mobile device, swimming  "littered operating system"Such as a bunch of applications installed on Android.

If your smartphone or refuses to include tablet and to boot, does not respond to pressing or any of your actions or just floating, I recommend you follow the steps below to prepare. Something of this can help you.

How to turn half-dead the tablet

  • Pull out and insert the battery (if possible);
  • Tighten the power button;
  • Reboot (depending on the brand of tablet / smartphone can be clamped button taking on or clip, needle, or other thin object to press the reset button on the in-depth (reset), recess is the same as in CD / DVD drive to eject the disc without power on);
  • Check the power button on the repair, if when you do not have clicks may have departed contacts, this problem is easily solved by using a soldering iron;
  • Probably broke a video adapter or a trail that goes to the screen was damaged or badly soldered, because of what could move contacts. We solve this case disassembly and propaykoy.

If you are not kept in the hands of a soldering iron, it is better to entrust this business to professionals from the service center. Not owning physics and knowledge of how to construct components of mobile device you it would be difficult to repair the smartphone or tablet, but do worse very easily.