WhatsApp, capture market, android messengers

Whatsapp presses the market for mobile instant messengers and now it has 800 million users, Zuckerberg enjoys bought so profitable project, and Durov rushes on State Sens Keys and the United Arab Emirates in a panic and depression, tearing jaws of the Indians, who wrote incomprehensible Telegram. No one could not assume that curly Zucker Sheared can fight Pavlik Morozov.

Zuckerberg from Facebook otovarilsya Whatsapp application for $ 19 billion and canceled a paid subscription to the application, does not focus on monetization, and on the development of the project, famously obegoriv underdeveloped competitors. Until one of the applications of competitors has such an extensive user base.

Facebook has not yet intend to run ads on your messenger, but soon it will possibly pay smiles, toll stickers, paid annual subscription (10 times more expensive than it was before) and other oddities. Now witches sell fashionable air, it is not just a business – it’s credo. Whatsapp application is the world leader, as well as Vertu or Tonino Lamborgini leaders mobile  Luxury market devices.