contacts file android, save contacts on your computer, sqlite, contacts.db

Gadgets have become quite an integral part of any person and if you lose your smartphone or it ceases to work, you may lose important information, all such contacts. It is important to avoid this problem in advance.

Do you want to copy the phone book android on the computer or make a backup? But do not know which folder stored contacts on android? Read site Androidground.

Where are contacts android

The path to the file that stores the contacts in android: /data/data/ entire directory telephone book is in File contacts.db , in some cases it may be contacts2.db. By the way, this file – a SQLite database.

Copy or read this file, you can if your device obtained root rights. How to check whether they have me? Read in this mini article video.

Get root not difficult to use the search on the site if your mobile device, we do not have, then search Google or leave us a request, if possible we will add the website information on how to root on your smartphone. I hope that after reading this article you will not be difficult save contacts android to or where the computer or on removable media.