Yota Devices, Yotaphone, who the manufacturer, the claim

Yotaphone – Russia is shit, made of imported components, but crooked collected. Otherwise you could not tell, by the way with two displays, Yotafon = Bydlofon! The price of the device is 39000 rubles and is unreasonably high,  when this ordinary consumer can not understand one for Iphone whether manufacturers or idiots chase looking for.

Problems with Yotaphone

Yotaphone 2 dermische, many complain that he not working volume rocker and lost internet, this stuff should be given free. AvtoVAZ factory recalls, who all his life trying to jump over your ass. Red price of this trinket 10,000 rubles. After all, Android updates on this device, you can wait for years. And if you start strong glitches and you carry the phone in the service center for warranty, workers say "And it is not for us, we’re moreover, works the same as that, okay, wait for the update and not Retrieve your lost".

Since the performance of the smartphone Yotaphone 2 very far even the from the Iphone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, I did not mention about something newer, it is the pursuit of idiots. At present the company is pouring into the ears of Ponte Arbitration Court of the Russian Federation Moscow – "Yota Devices wants to ban selling in RF electronic covers for smartphones, have black and white E-ink screen". It turns out "dog barking at his uncle fraera" or frigid pug barking at an elephant.

Yota Devices wants to jump above his own ass

In particular phony lawsuit brought against the company and Popslate InkCase. We would be in their place podtŃ‘rlis this paper and patent Yota Devices. How to find competent IT professionals – it’s time to select the licenses and patents, the company Yota. Such a company is not worthy to do business in the territory of the Russian Federation – the old shit from us and Chinese enterprises lack the basement.

All this story reminds manufacturers such as: Dexp, Highscreen, DNS – goods which zealously trying to cram in every corner of the tractor drivers ingenuous Khimki near Moscow.